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Clion-Marine Fresh Air unit

Prefect climate control while preserving fresh air

Fresh Air unit

 Clion-Marine provides a range of fresh air make up units to complement our systems and ensure an optimal climate on board. These units are designed to draw air from outside of the boat. The air is then warmed or cooled to the desired internal temperature. Humidity levels are stabilized and the air is divided around the various areas on board of the vessel. This creates a calculated over pressure in the living areas allowing for proper extraction and reduced ingress of untreated air.

As standard, our units are equipped with humidity control and electrical heating, and can easily be integrated into the central monitoring system. Where a specific design is required to fit in a restricted space, Clion-Marine can design and build customized units. These are designed to fit into designated areas and provide a certain airflow.

Clion-Marine can provide additional services such as heat load and fresh air calculations, duct plans, adjusting the system and full commissioning.