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Clion Marine Air Handlers

Distinguished in every aspect


Quieter, smaller and more powerful at the same time

Discover the new generation of marine air handlers, equipped with an extremely quiet Boxblower. The Boxblower is equipped with a 220V DC regulated motor. This DC motor distinguishes itself in terms of yield, noise, size and flexibility. The engine is easy to operate, extremely quiet and suitable for use in a range of areas as a result of its compact, flexible design. In addition, air manifolds are a thing of the past, thanks to multiple integrated air hose connections.

Maximum comfort, minimal energy consumption

A Clion Marine Air Handler guarantees you constant, comfortable temperature control. The blower units are equipped with a three-way valve control. Water circulation is controlled in accordance with the temperature settings and the ambient temperature. This also means that there is no unnecessary circulation when the required temperature is reached. In short, you will benefit from maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption.

Attention to detail

Clion Marine air conditioning systems are characterised by their high-quality design and advanced controls. Operation of the air handlers is made easy thanks to the included touchscreen control panel with status display. The trim frame of the control panel is compatible with Vimar equipment, which ensures that the installed switchgear has a uniform appearance. Attention to the smallest detail; that is what distinguishes Clion Marine in every aspect.

Besides various standard Clion Marine Air Handlers, our range includes Self-Contained and Slim Line units. Would you like to know more about our unique range of marine air conditioning systems?